Will we need power to operate the Gelato Bike?

Yes. We do need power to plug in our bike. The unique, refrigerated Gelato Bike will keep the gelato nice and cold for you and your guests. The bike requires 12V power. We need just one powerpoint to plug in the bike. If there is no power close to where you would like to park the bike, let us know and we’ll provide a long extension lead. 

On request, we can supply a small generator, (for an additional charge). Perfect for beach, garden, farm or bush weddings! 

How big is The Gelato Bike?

The dimensions for The Gelato Bike: 110cm wide, 112cm high (not including umbrella) & 230cm long. Keep this in mind if you want us to ride indoors.

Are your items biodegradable and friendly to the environment?

Yes! Our spoons, paper cups and sleeves are all biodegradable.

Can you Style the Gelato Bike?

In most of our packages, you will find you can choose from a range of decorative umbrellas that can be tailored to suit the theme of your event. We also include a personalised sign welcoming your guests to the Gelato Bike experience.

Should you require additional lighting, furniture or lawn games, you will find we have an extremely comprehensive hire list to choose from.

Does The Gelato Bike come with its own lighting?

Yes. Our gelato bike has built-in LED lighting giving the bike an even more stunning look at night. The bike is often styled with copper lighting draped in and around the seating and wheels adding to the ambience!

What do your staff and attendants wear?

Like our stylish Gelato Bike, our attendants are super stylish too! We get into the theme, wearing smart slacks and our signature gelato aprons (with trendy accessories of course!). As always, you will find our attendants will present themselves with a massive smile on their face while they serve your delicious gelato!

How many different flavour choices does The Gelato Bike carry?

The Gelato Bike can accommodate four different flavours. Check out the link below where you can explore the delicious flavours available. 

Check out our packages where you can browse and choose from four flavours

How long do you serve for?

We have several packages available. You can choose between a 60 minute or 90 minutes serving time. Your time begins from when our set up is complete. During either of these time packages, we will serve unlimited Gelato until your time is up.  

What happens to any left over gelato?

We leave a full pint of gelato in your freezer/cool room once we complete service. All other left over gelato is taken home with our rider.

What flavours do you have?

Hit the link below to choose from all our yummy flavours.